Contact a Legal Recruiter When Hiring for a Legal Specialty


Contact a Legal Recruiter When Hiring for a Legal Specialty

If you haven’t worked with a legal recruiter before, then you’re about to experience a revolutionary leap in your capability to find new legal talent. Whether you’re hiring for a number of positions or one specific role, a legal recruiter can connect you with access to the most talented candidates available.


Whether your firm is currently hiring or not, you’ll find it useful to talk to a recruiter about how to attract the most sought after legal talent to your firm. Sometimes, the most important stage in hiring is to prepare your company in advance for the eventuality that you’ll want to attract legal talent in the future, so that you can run a more efficient and successful hiring campaign when that time arrives.

Hiring for Specialized Roles


Given the abundance of options, It can be difficult – even for the most promising new law school graduates – to make a firm decision regarding which field of law they wish to choose for a career specialty. Some of these options include:


  • Corporate and Securities Law
  • Family and Juvenile Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Tax Law


While indecision might not seem like the most attractive quality in a candidate for your firm, a new graduate that is open to suggestion may be just what you need. If your law firm is seeking a lawyers who is willing to work in a specialized field or a particular legal expertise, then you can get help filling that role by contacting a legal recruiter.


Hiring for Executive Positions


Besides recruiting candidates according to a particular legal field, another speciality role that legal recruiters can fulfill is to hire specifically for executive roles. If you recently lost an important partner and are seeking out a seasoned professional that can fill their shoes while fitting well with the personality and mandates of your firm, then you need a headhunter that specializes in hiring executives to bring you that higher calibre of applicants.


Legal Recruiters Engage in the Search for Candidates


One of the things that make legal recruiters such a valuable resource is that they actively seek out connections with new candidates. This means that your recruiting partner can grant you access to a more elite selection of talent than you can find anywhere else.


Long Term Partnership


Legal recruiters work hard to learn the intricacies of your business, such as its culture and its mandates, in order to bring you the most suitable candidates available. Not only will this help you to find the best potential new employees for your firm, it will help you to navigate the competitive legal job market successfully. Consequently, you may build such a successful relationship with your legal recruiter that your hiring needs are met for years to come.

Finding the perfect candidate to fulfill any role in a large law firm is a time-consuming and arduous process. When you hire a recruiter to bring you the candidates that you need for the job, it saves you time and money. Get in touch with a recruiter today to learn more about what makes their hiring strategies so successful.