Communication in the Workplace


With today’s business being heavily reliant on the internet and different types of working conditions, communication in the workplace is more important than ever. Some people work remotely, from home, or there are businesses that have offices overseas who need to communicate with each other. More and more people are working from home, making communication resources extremely important for employers to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Skype and Gmail resources:

Many people like to use video chat to communicate with employees and employers that are remotely located. The most popular venue in this category is Skype. With this, employers can chat, make a phone call, or video call using their computer to employees to make sure progress is going in the right direction. Skype is also useful in conference calls, as people can communicate with multiple others at the same time.

Workplace Communication
Workplace Communication

Google hangouts, or Gmail is another way businesses can communicate similarly to Skype. The difference here is that Gmail allows email communication as well, and serves that purpose first. One can also chat, have a friends or contacts list, and make voice of video calls using Gmail. Google Hangouts is the app name for the Android or tablet feature that allows people to use the chat and call features with Gmail when they are away from the computer.

Skype and Gmail are not the only resources, but they are two large named ones that businesses are familiar with. There are other resources that can be used with just a simple search.

Effective communication remotely:

Once a communication mode is established, it is important for business owners or managers to confidently be able to communicate with their subordinates. It’s a good practice to set up a daily mode of communication and times to connect with peers or employees. Having a check system in place to make sure employees are indeed working is one way to make communication a daily task. Having certain check in times throughout the day, video conferences, or chat check ins is another way to ensure a business is getting the most out of their remote employees. Having a professional  E calendar can help in this venture as well as events can be easily edited.

Just as it’s important for employers to be able to contact employees, it is also important for the opposite. Employers should be available to take questions and calls during working hours as well, and not be unreachable just because it is a remote working relationship. Being a good boss is essential to a successful business, whether it is in a remote working situation or an everyday office environment. If a business uses its resources readily, one can run a successful business in any kind of environment.