Are you Accidentally Ruining Employee Productivity?


As a manager, you detest that your employees keep missing deadlines and sending in error-riddled reports. Before you call for a meeting, you need to ask yourself if this is a problem with your team or a problem with your work system. It could be that you are hindering the productivity of the office by accident.

Here are 2 ways that you could be setting your staff up to fail:


Assigning Too Many Tasks

You have a small team, but a long list of tasks to finish up by the end of the week. Sadly, too much multitasking will ruin productivity in the office.

The first reason is that there will be too many responsibilities to keep track of, heightening the chances of missing deadlines and making mistakes. The second reason is that juggling tasks will lead to low-quality work. The fallacy of multitasking depends on humans dividing up their attention into different tasks at the same time, even though that’s not physically possible. You should have employees dedicate their time and energy toward one major task at a time.

When you streamline someone’s task list, you’ll get much better results. For instance, if your employee is spending hours of their time making reports about website traffic and social media engagement, you can outsource that task to a digital marketing reporting and analytics dashboard.

You can get scalable report monitoring with Morphio instead of asking your employee to set aside important tasks to manually comb through the numbers every single day. The AI-driven prediction will be much more effective at investigating data spanning across a variety of platforms.

Morphio will do more than collect the metrics of your company’s online performance — they will point out abnormalities and vulnerabilities that you can fix to increase traffic and optimize your presence. Set key performance initiatives like return on investment or conversion rates that you want your digital marketing strategy to achieve. With the dashboard’s help, you can track your progress and produce effective changes to make that objective a reality.

The technology is designed to complete these essential tasks. Your employee’s skills will be better suited for more creative, communicative and engaging goals.

Working Too Much

Your employees come to the office first thing in the morning and they stay late into the evening. They work through their lunches and skip breaks. Even when they’ve left the building, they answer emails and take phone calls.

This work system seems productive, but it quickly becomes damaging. You will see that overwork affects productivity because it encourages meeting deadlines and ticking off checklists over churning out quality work.

The system is also unsustainable. No matter how ambitious they are, your employees will eventually burn out.

Your employees should have enough tasks to get through a 40-hour work week. Make this happen by extending deadlines, getting rid of inessential tasks or hiring more staff.

Employees are following your instructions. If you’re setting them up for failure with overwhelming tasks and schedules, you need to be the one to make improvements for the sake of productivity.