What the Cloud Can Do for the Mobile App Experience


Cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, but only in recent years has cloud storage become widely available to businesses and public users.

The concept behind Cloud computing is relatively simple and relies on the notion that a computer’s hard drive can be accessed and used for data storage and processing performance by several other devices simultaneously. Instead of paying large amounts of money purchasing hard drives to meet digital storage needs, you can opt to rent hard drive space.

Because the information isn’t being stored on your personal computing device, it is possible to access any documents, files, or records stored in the Cloud from any device at all, making it much easier to transfer and access files of all kinds.

Ask any experienced developer like Guarana Technologies and they will tell you that any B2B or B2C app today needs to promise seamless communication and the ability to access large amounts of data quickly and securely. They will also explain that without the right development process and a commitment to the client’s vision, creating a cloud-based mobile app can be a disappointing endeavour.

But with the ubiquity of the cloud, designing your next mobile app is worth the effort, if you team up with the right developer who understands the space.

To show just how popular could-based applications are for day-by-day users, we’ve put together a list of some of the big hitters and some emerging players in the field.


What the Cloud Can Do for the Mobile App Experience

Everyone knows the joy — and occasional guilt — that comes with spending your Sunday binge-watching two Stranger Things seasons, and we wouldn’t have access to all this media at our fingertips without the cloud.

Over its 20-years in operation, Netflix has grown from a DVD rental service employing 30 to a massive world-wide streaming service with more than 130 subscribers and an annual revenue of $11 billion.

While it took Netflix seven years to completely migrate to the cloud, they managed to implement their new cloud-based infrastructure in 2016, improving the company’s computing and storage capacities, which translates into a better user experience.


What the Cloud Can Do for the Mobile App Experience

Spotify, one of the world’s most popular music, video, and podcast streaming services allows you to access millions of songs and other content seamlessly. Both their basic and premium platforms allow users to:

  • Browse and search a massive database
  • Receive listening recommendations through personalized features like Discover Weekly and Release Radar
  • Build collections of music and custom playlists
  • See what friends, fellow artists, and even celebrities are listening to
  • Create their own radio stations

Team on the Run

In the business world, everyone loves the ability to communicate quickly and securely through a branded portal, and this is precisely the service offered by Team on the Run. This cloud solution offers storage, web chat, VOIP capabilities as well as mobile messaging.

The app allows users to share documents, multimedia content and other important files internally with one platform. One reviewer on GetApp praised the app for being very fluid and simple to use, allowing companies to communicate internally and to create secure group discussions on Android or iOS devices without the need to rely on SMS.

For those preparing to build the next game changing mobile app, beginning with the cloud in mind is a great first step. However, designing cloud-compatible apps can be a complex process and requires the help of a professional app development team.

If you’re on the fence about building a cloud app and you’re not sure what to do, contact a mobile app developer that brings experience to the table and boasts an impressive portfolio with recognizable names on their client roster.

The cloud allows for incredible mobile apps that transform the way people use and share information and media — so team up with the right partner in mobile app design and development to see your idea through.