3 Reasons You Might Need to Beef up Your Encryption


How secure is your business’s cybersecurity network? While most companies believe that basic security tools like passwords protect them against cyber attacks, the truth is that cybercrime is on the rise, and it is increasingly striking small businesses as well as large corporations.

If you want to make sure that compromised cybersecurity doesn’t take down your small business, here are three reasons to focus on beefing up your encryption tools.

1. Email and SMS Leave You Open to Cyber Attacks

3 Reasons You Might Need to Beef up Your Encryption

The most important reason to consider investing in better encryption is simply the fact that email and SMS are simply not capable of providing adequate protection from cybercriminals and hackers.

Even secure systems like Gmail can be hacked relatively quickly by people who know what they’re doing, and once one worker has been compromised, hackers can use a single account to harvest valuable information about your company — including banking passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information.

Switching to encrypted smartphones is the only way to guarantee that information you send online will actually stay private and confidential.

2. Ransomware Attacks Still Pose a Significant Threat

Hacking isn’t the only danger. Increasingly, cybercriminals are turning to sophisticated viruses to make money off their targets, and ransomware is one of the most debilitating of these attacks.

Ransomware often enters computers via phishing spam, and once it is in it encrypts all of the information on your computer or network, and gives you a limited amount of time to pay a set ransom before deleting everything on your hard drive. Because most small businesses can’t afford to lose all of their data, most business owners pay the price that is asked.

An encrypted communication network is the single best defence against these kinds of attacks because encryption ensures malware never has a chance to get into your system in the first place.

3. Cutting-Edge Encryption Provides Protection and Convenience

One of the reasons small businesses have been slow to adopt encrypted smartphones is because standard encryption technology has often been difficult and cumbersome to use. But that’s changing with new technology from ChatMail Secure, an encryption provider that provides customers with the best encryption protection on the market while also letting them use popular communication tools like chat and image messaging.

If you want to see what ChatMail Secure has to offer you can learn more about the ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), which lets users manage all their encrypted chats from a single integrated platform that uses standard PGP encryption as well as Elliptical Curve Cryptography.

Encryption Provides Protection and Convenience

Businesses equipped with ChatMail phones don’t need to worry that their messages can be hacked or leaked, because ChatMail phones do not store any information on external servers, and can be set up with state-of-the-art tamper proofing technology.

As cybercrime becomes an ever greater danger for companies of all sizes, encryption tools like ChatMail Secure’s encrypted smartphones are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses that want to avoid costly ransomware attacks and potentially devastating malware infections.

Don’t take chances with your company’s cybersecurity this year — make sure you have the protection you need to compete in the 21st-century economy.