Spotting the Best Sales Resume 101


It can take an enormous amount of time to sort through the slush pile of applicants. When you’re trying to push a sales team to achieve greater results each quarter, you’ve got more important things to spend your time on than picking out a potential candidate for your team based on a quick read of a single page.

While you can check out these resume tips to help to ensure that you’re able to sort through sales resumes faster and with more satisfying results, there’s just no comparison to the results you’ll see when you hire an expert sales recruiting agency.

The Dangers of Hiring Poorly

While you don’t want to waste any more time than you have to on sorting through applicants’ resumes, you also can’t afford to waste even more time on a new salesperson that’s going to seem great in person but achieve lacklustre results. This risk is so great that it’s a good idea to remind yourself of these dangers to keep from rushing through the pile.

Learn to Think Outside of Your Usual Skillset

Managing a sales team requires more than great sales skills. You may have advanced to this position because you have an outstanding record in selling, but your personable talents will only serve you so far in a managerial position. Now that you’re building a team, rather than leading it, some of the abilities that you’ll need to develop will include:

  • An Ability to Teach Skills that Come Naturally to You
  • Motivating an Unenthusiastic Team Toward Success
  • Inspiring Confidence in Others
  • Assessing Your Team as a Whole Unit, Rather than as Individuals
  • All-around Understanding of Human Resources Tasks

While possessing a talent for sales and a wide-ranging understanding of how sales works will definitely inform your ability to do each of these, it is important that you also note that your role as a manager requires that you develop a new skill set in order to achieve the best results.

How Sales Recruiters Will Help

You may want to spend countless hours trying to teach yourself how to manage a team, but if you’re like most other sales managers, you are probably more interested in action and results. The quickest way to build yourself a better team, while also developing your skills as a sales team manager, is to get help from a sales recruiter.

The Level of Dedication of Sales Recruiters

Sales recruiters are seasoned, successful salespeople who have also built up an extensive network of hiring contacts and continually research trends in the sales job pool. While they have experience as salespeople, they also gave up that career so that they can dedicate their time to being great at finding sales talent.

When you hire a sales recruiter to help you attract the most talented new salespeople to your team, it frees up your time so that you can dedicate more hours where they are needed most. Stop wasting time guessing at which resume will bring you the best employees to join your team, hire a sales recruiter to ensure that you bring in the best people available.