Check out These Awesome Tips for Running a Restaurant


Everyone knows the difficulties involved in running a successful restaurant. The margins are thin, the competition is high, and there are still so many other things that can go wrong! You can’t afford to ignore anything that will help your restaurant’s operations.

With that, here are a few killer tips that will help your restaurant stay in business.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software’s primary purpose is to create excellent schedules for all restaurant staff in up to 80% less time than it takes otherwise. But it can do a lot more to help your restaurant.

The scheduling functions can help you comply with labour law, and they make it easy when creating schedules to know when an employee is approaching overtime pay. This reduces staff burnout, and helps the restaurant avoid needless expenses.

Restaurant scheduling software is really an all-in-one app that enables managers to get key data they need at a glance, and track important statistics that smart decision making requires. To see more about the other features beyond schedule making, you can check out this guide and see all the other ways this software can help your restaurant stay in business.

Keep Funds on Reserve

It may be difficult to keep money aside for a rainy day, but be prepared for seasonal slumps by stashing cash in a dedicated fund you can tap for when business inevitably slows down. Maybe you get a huge rush of business when you launch and assume it will continue — unfortunately, it likely won’t!

You may not have much excess cash, but if it’s possible to keep a reserve aside, do it. It’ll help you run your restaurant when the going really gets tough.

Sell, Smartly

There are subliminal tricks you can take advantage of when writing your menu. All things equal, people are inclined to order the dishes that are physically listed first and last on the menu. Make these items the ones with the highest margins. This isn’t devious — every offering has to be written down on the menu somewhere! Plus, you believe in the quality of all the food you serve.

But this is a useful and easy trick that can be implemented quickly and will help make it easier to run your business right away.

Reduce Turnover

This is a notorious problem for restaurants, and it’s an expensive one. Training staff takes time and money, and high turnover means you need to re-train another staff. Plus, hiring the right staff is hard. There are different measures you can take to keep turnover low.

Actually, restaurant scheduling software helps reduce turnover, because your staff will love having schedules that are responsive to their needs, and which take all their inputs into account easily.

Running a restaurant is very satisfying: it gives people a place to spend time with great company, amid great food and drinks. If you keep the above tips in mind, you’ll have an easier time running your restaurant. And it won’t just survive, it’ll thrive.