7 Tips to Further Your Career


Work is a large part of life, so why not do your best to succeed as much as you can by furthering your career and becoming happier at work? Here are some tips for improving your career, getting that promotion or snagging that job you’ve been dreaming of.

Keep Your Resume Updated

You never know when that perfect job will come knocking on your door, so have your resume ready for when opportunity strikes. It will also make it easier to remember things you’ve done related to your profession and give you more time to mull over how best to format your resume.

Build Your Network

It’s true what they say: it’s who you know. Knowing people in your industry can lead to job opportunities you may never have discovered otherwise. If you’re good at your job, you will likely be suggested to employers who may just happen to chat with one of your network members.

There are many ways to grow your network too, like joining recreational or social groups at our outside of work, or joining professional associations, online groups and meetups. Get out there are get networking!

Find a Mentor

It’s hard to get better at your job if you aren’t getting helpful feedback from a more experienced person. Finding a mentor is an important step in learning about the workplace, areas you can improve, and how to become the best employee and leader you can be.


Although it does not immediately provide compensation, volunteering for an organization or company that interests you is a great way to create employment opportunities for yourself in an area you are passionate about.

By volunteering, you get to improve your skills while networking at the same time, likely with many levels of the organization depending on its size. If the position allows you to give back to the community too, then all the better.

Take Courses

Whether they are academic, personal development, career-oriented or creative classes, becoming a life-long learner will make you a better-rounded person and will help you tackle your weaknesses and cement your strengths. See if your workplace offers any courses or head to a community college or community centre.

Ask for What you Want

Unfortunately, doing a good job at work won’t always cut it for getting noticed by management—in fact, they are usually paying attention to problem employees.

In any case, it is important to go above and beyond to be able to make the case that you deserve a promotion or pay increase, but telling your boss is half the battle. It may seem daunting, but here are some tips for when you go to ask for that promotion.

Take Risks But Trust Your Gut

It’s important to ask for the raise or take a job that you want to do even if it means leaving perfectly good work behind, but also be sure to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t worth the risk.