Ideas for Team-Building Activities in Spring


Team-building activities are a great way to help employees connect and feel engaged with the company. It also promotes corporate culture, teamwork, and increases trust between coworkers. Spring is a great time to schedule some corporate events to get your employees out there and into some fresh scenery.

The change of pace will give them energy, get them excited, and generally brighten up their mood. Spring is already a time of year where moods are heightened because of the sunshine, blooming flowers, and fresh air – so why not capitalize on that by doing an outdoor activity together?

Here are some of the best ideas for spring activities you can do with your employees.

1. Host a Picnic

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can lead to great experiences. Go to a nearby park and reserve some space for you and your coworkers. It can either be a small event with just your team or a bigger one with multiple teams from different departments.

You can get better corporate team building with delicious catering instead of struggling to get all the food yourself, or asking people to bring food for a potluck. Spoiling your employees with delicious catered food is a great way to make them happy, and also ensure that what to eat won’t be a worry for anyone.

2. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Consider planning some activities for your picnic, like a scavenger hunt. Separate everyone into small groups, making sure to put people together who rarely get a chance to work together. Provide a list of items for your team to find that would typically be found in a park (probably best to do your research first), like a water fountain, swing set, ice cream truck, etc.

3. Go Miniature-Golfing

Who doesn’t enjoy mini-golfing? Miniature golf is a great way to enjoy outdoor activities in a laid back environment. This activity is easy-going and great for your employees who aren’t interested in being really active or competitive.

It’s also incredibly fun and allows your employees to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you check the weather ahead of time and look up reviews on which nearby mini-golf location you should book.

4. Organize a Volunteer Day

Organizing a volunteer day is great for building bonds between your employees, encouraging team-spirit, promoting the feel-good, and also contributing back to your community.

As the snow melts it tends to uncover a ton of trash that’s been buried beneath all winter. This is a great opportunity for your team to get out there and collect trash in the local area. Whether it’s the local park, river, surrounding lot, or parts of the community, the benefits are numerous.

Get Out There

No matter what you do with your employees, try to get them out of the office, even if it’s just for a half a day. They’ll appreciate the change of scenery and also feel more relaxed and better able to enjoy the activities instead of worrying about work.