4 Elements of Better Parking Lot Security


The safety of your business starts in the parking lot. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to maintain the safety of any properties that employees will need to access, no matter what time of day. Although there are many options in crime prevention, some of these are costly. Like any investment, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of every dollar you spend.

If your office building can only be reached by passing through the parking lot, then it’s the first line of defence for security in and around your entire property. Given this central importance of your parking lot, it’s a good idea to review your lot security capabilities from time to time and, while there are many different security products to choose from to ensure the safety of your company and employees, the following four options are some of the most commonly used to protect parking lots.

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Perimeter Fencing

Fencing can be a big investment if you own a large property – but it goes a long way towards making an area secure. When anyone can just walk onto your property, then you’re at a much higher risk of crimes like theft and assault, even with other security measures in place. The average homeowner spends around $2,749 on fencing but prices vary by region. Since commercial properties and parking lots usually cover a larger area than a residential property, your price will likely be higher.

Security ID Cards

One of the most affordable and efficient ways to boost security in your parking lot or office building is with a security ID card system. Security ID cards can allow employees to access secure areas without the aid of security personnel, since they can employ features like contactless card reading. When the only people that can access your parking lot and get inside your office building are those who carry security ID cards, then the chances of intruders being present decreases dramatically and the safety of these zones increases.

Quality Lighting

Maintenance of lighting systems is one of the most important parts of ensuring the safety of your parking lots. If the lighting isn’t functioning properly, then there’s a much higher chance that crimes can occur – especially regarding assaults perpetrated on those accessing their vehicles. If you’re lighting isn’t bright enough, the situation can be just as bad.

If your employees do shift work or work late hours, then they require nighttime access to your parking lot. During the shorter, darker winter days, more employees will need to access your parking lot after dark. At these times, it’s paramount that you ensure that your lights are in working order and bright enough to deter criminals.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras can provide an effective deterrent against criminal activity in parking lots. Just the sight of cameras can be enough to make the chances of getting caught outweigh the benefits of committing a crime. Professional security cameras are usually more expensive but are useful deterrents since they are difficult to access and damage. Cheaper “smart home” security cameras might seem like a good option, but they are easy to break if visible, and do not deter criminals if hidden.

If there’s a golden rule to property security, it’s that it’s always better to prevent crime than to hope to catch the perpetrators. Using affordable solutions like security ID cards, proper lighting, and solid perimeter fencing should be all you need to maintain a safe parking environment for your employees.